Last updated: September 3, 2022

Welcome VISITORS: Your privacy is important to me . . . please read the following Privacy Policy.

In Texas, we embrace wide-open spaces – whether sun-swept West Texas prairies or shady East Texas forest – but we are also smart enough to know that wide-open spaces sometimes need a fence. A protection of some sort that keeps the bad element out while protecting all the good inside. Websites need that same barbed-wire protection. To that end, the K.M. Saint James website employs Wordfence. But like many protective devices there is a price to pay. Wordfence DOES collect data from visitors to the website. Understand that Wordfence is employing ‘cookies’ in order to stem the real cattle rustlers (folks who steal stuff that doesn’t belong to them) and that as of May 22, 2018, Wordfence is considered GDPR Compliant – and that is a wonderful thing. Wordfence collects the data to improve security, but if you, as a visitor to, would like to know the specific cookies, their purpose, and exactly who sees these cookies, please click General Data Protection Regulation


Additionally, if you leave a comment at . . . and I’d love it if you do . . . be aware that these comments may go to a 3rd party for review. (CleanTalk is the plug-in employed on the site.) If you’ve ever driven into a pasture, there is either a gate or a cattle guard – that’s a bunch of heavy-duty reinforced metal pipes – across the entrance drive.

  • Why? Because folks who raise livestock want to keep the right critters inside the fence and the wrong ones on the outside. This 3rd party review of the comments works the same way. The CleanTalk gate or cattle guard is design to provide protection to the website. If a comment is deemed as SPAM, CleanTalk denies its entry into the website, which in turn protects the integrity and privacy of all those fine ‘invited’ friends on the inside.
  • Why do I tell you this information? Because visitors have the right to know that their comments are seen by a 3rd party to verify the comment isn’t SPAM.
  • What’s collected: Your name, email address, and IP
  • Also, if you wish your comments removed, send an email through the Contact Me form, and all comments and details will be deleted.

Newsletter or Email Announcements

I am in the process of adding a newsletter to this site. As this newsletter, potentially, impacts subscribers’ privacy, I will update with the correct announcements.

Additionally, I do have a subscription service set on website. The subscription will send out the latest blog post and any book release information. No pressure, and totally your choice to sign up. If you do consent, then a newsletter or announcement will be sent to the provided email address. REMEMBER this: If you opt to come to my Texas shindigs (newsletter, blog posting, book release E-Blast), you’ll be welcome. But I recognize your right to leave the party on your own schedule, so there will always be a way to ‘unsubscribe’.

Exact Metrics

In order to make the KM Saint James website more enjoyable to you, the visitor, the data-gathering service Exact Metrics is now utilized on this site. This is a helpful way to let me where folks stop to read and what links they find particularly useful. As Exact Metrics does impact your privacy, visitors should get to know that it’s running in the background.

While I love to spin a great romantic suspense – heavy on the suspense – my goal is to NEVER intrude on my visitors’ privacy. Data collected through this service is used as an oversight; to help fine-tune the effectiveness and user-friendly aspect of this website; to highlight areas that work well and, equally important, those area that are difficult to navigate.


Cattle will walk the same route to feed or the watering hole. That same path is familiar, and they’ve already figured out it’s the shortest or most efficient path to what they want.

Why do I share that fact with you?

Because Cookies, which are a bit like place-keepers, are used on this site, and Cookies work a bit the same way. Based on your navigational path through the KM Saint James website, where you stop along the way and what you personalized to meet your reader’s needs, the Cookies are aware of that path. When you return for another visit, Cookies will automatically fill in those blanks. Now, readers are not cattle, following blindly along. So, as a savvy web-navigator, you can turn off or modify those Cookies. Just remember if you do, not all features of this website or others may be visible to you. Doesn’t mean you can’t visit. Just means, your view of the horizon may be limited.

Future additions to website

If additional plugins are added to the website and any of those plugins collect data (cookies), I will do my dead-level best to make certain that specific information is added to this Privacy Policy.


This website is designed for 18 and older. Be aware when you visit that KM Saint James is not a children’s website.

Being forgotten

Finally, you, as a visitor to the KM Saint James website, have the right to be forgotten. That means in simple terms: the KM Saint James site pretends like you never visited, and any data collected on you must be expunged from the website’s records. KM Saint James is happy to comply with GDPR. If your desire is to be forgotten, go to the Contact Me form, and put those details in the Message section.

Enjoy the site. I’ve loved building a place where readers, fellow writers, and lovers of the written word and all things Texans feel right at home. Visitors are always welcome on my back porch; we’ll share some sweet tea and talk while we watch the fireflies light up the night.