I started working on my blog only to discover that everything I wanted to write about seemed . . . boring.

Writers and boring should never be used in the same sentence.

But the plain fact is that I’ve spent the past week fluttering around the promo sites, learning the ins and outs of posting excerpts and book blurbs about my new release. In addition, I’ve caroused the reviewers’ sites. It’s all the business stuff that goes with the ‘fun’ writing stuff. Good things to learn, necessary information to know, but after five days my muse revolted. Only so much business before the creative side of my brain screamed for release.

Screaming brains might work in a Stephen King thriller, but it’s not pretty for a romance author.

So, to keep myself energized, I’ve dived into TRICKLE OF LIES.

I’ve decided I really like my heroine, lawyer, Kyra Malone. (Hey, don’t shoot her yet. This Austin-based lawyer is about helping the folks in a small west Texas town named Buckle Creek), which just happens, ironically enough, to be where she meets the hero, Sheriff Boston Donavan.

Well, actually Kyra meets Boston a little before they get to Buckle Creek. She sorta-kinda steals his car.

See, I told you Kyra was a different kind of lawyer.

Now, you might think that stealing a sheriff’s car would land Kyra in jail. Instead, she finds herself married to the tall Stetson-wearing law officer. Sounds like the makings for a true Texas happy ending, right? Except Sheriff Boston Donavan would rather be wrapped in barbed wire and dropped in a nest of rattlers, than be married.

Oh, and as for Kyra . . . marriage to an unwilling partner is only part of her problem. She came to Buckle Creek with the sole intention of righting a wrong, but there’s some powerful Austin folks who want her stopped—even if it means murder.

Oooh, I can’t wait to see what these two characters do next.

Happy writing!

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