Reading Challenge and Writing Challenge

Okay, I may have seriously lost my mind.

My reading challenge is still in progress. This week’s read, already under the belt, was A Sacred Trust, by Sharon Mignerey. I had to start on the weekend to make sure it would get finished

because . . .

I’m also involved in a writing challenge with

Sherry Davis

, and a crew of other great writers.

Goal each day: 1,000 new words.

Yesterday, I had to edit 60 pages to get the 1,000 new words in (believe there were some plot holes big enough to run a semi through — so yep, it took a 1,000 words to fix those)

However, I made it. And the work actually, well it actually works — on page that is.

After grading a basket of papers (yep, still riding herd over the 3rd graders), throwing a few stinky clothes in the wash, cleaning the kitchen, I’m burying myself in the computer for my thousand word quota tonight.

Happy Reading and HAPPY WRITING

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  1. Hon,
    I applaud you for not starting your word count until after what had already been done. I’m blazing a trail of my own rules through this puppy. If I have to go over a scene three times, that’s three separate word counts. Sheesh…makin’ us all look bad. :P

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