School daze

And so the learning begins . . . again!

Time to tuck the kids back in school and move forward with the intent and determination to finish Trickle of Lies. I might love these characters, but at this point I hate the book — just hung around too long and now it’s time to cut it loose.

All that said, there was NO writing work this weekend as the fam and I spent a frantic time getting the oldest moved back to her university, up to the fourth floor and stuffed way too much stuff into way too tiny of a room.

Okay, maybe not that far up, but when I was carrying the 20th or 25th or 55th (it all blurs together) load, it certainly felt like we were bound for the heavens.

My oldest is blessed with the ability to pack — a task she takes seriously, very seriously. As a result, nothing could be left behind. Believe me, there was nothing left to leave behind. Hubby dearest headed out to rent a trailer, absolutely certain, even she couldn’t fill an enclosed trailer since she’s moving away for just 9 months. My hubby dearest should never say never. 40 square feet of packed trailer followed us down the road. And believe me, my truck-driving hubby knows how to ‘cube’ a trailer — that means to stuff stuff in every square inch. Of course, what goes in, must come out and in oldest daughter’s case, then it must go up. Who wants to live on the bottom floor with all that high traffic noise? Um, wait a minute, I want her to live there so I don’t need a chiropractor and traction to recover. If it weren’t for her exceptional strong siblings, my oldest child would need professional movers because dear ole mom and dad were too tuckered out to go the distance. As I hung the two hundredth hanger (yep, clothes included) I wondered where did all this stuff come from? Why does she have two to one in the shoe department over me? I happen to love shoes, but I look like a pauper compared to her closet. My strapping son didn’t need to go to the gym for a work-out — his oldest sister was nice enough to supply that task. And my baby, who by the way stands 5’10” and truly towers over her mom, didn’t need her cycling regiment for the day, either. 45 stairs X a zillion will get any body’s heart a-pumping.

All said and moved in, however, we all felt her loss as we drove away from the university.

We’ve had a fabulous summer, hence, why my writing time has sucked. I’ll be posting the cruise pics to prove it. Loads of family time does equal a crimp in the writing schedule.

So as my kids head off to school — the boy is starting community college — can’t wait to blog about that experience, I’ll be plopping my backside into the writing chair and getting busy.

Here’s to surviving the ‘daze’ that surrounds the beginning of school and cheers to the normalcy of more writing.

Drop by the porch again. Naw, it’s too hot to sit outside, still, but my A/C works great.

Until then
~ Sandra

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0 thoughts on “School daze

  1. Welcome back to the blogosphere after your fun summer adventures (looking forward to your cruise news 🙂 and best of luck to you and your kids on the start of this new school year. Hope it's a wonderful one!

  2. Sounds like a hectic weekend and I am sure you're missing her – something I'm just writing about or rather editing in my current m/s! Difficult to believe it's that hot – here in Cornwall we never need a/c!!

  3. yes, I'm looking forward to the kids going back to school as well. One is going in the 8th grade, one for his second semester of college and one starting college. -both of the college boys are staying at home, which maybe I'm crazy, but I'm glad for it. I know it would be empty here without them.

  4. That is good news. I can't believe it's already nearly Fall. Where does the time go??

    And good for you on finishing Trickle of Lies. I can't wait to find out how the story ends. I know it's going to be great.

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