Sparkle This!

Want to see what I’m working on these days?

Pop over to Sparkle This!

A group of seven writers, moi included, are enmeshed in our latest short serial — a rather twisted ‘fish out of water’ story — where our modern-day heroine is transported back into regency time in order to solve a murder. There’s a time-jumper, a fairy godmother, an evil stepfather, and a hunky hero.

Drop by and read any excerpt under Short Story #2 to follow along. Every few days another writer will post an addition to the story.

~Hope to see you there.

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  1. Sandra,
    I’m looking at this picture thinking what kind of crazy woman in a suit climbs up to high altitude on a ladder and uses high zoom binoculars? She’d better be spying on Kevin McKidd to justify that kind of peril:)

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