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It’s been awhile since I’ve consistently updated my blog . . . no longer.

I’m back!

Finished with the 3rd grade round of teaching and I’m back in the writing saddle again. It’s a great fit, and I couldn’t been happier than to listen to my characters fuss and complain.

So many things to discuss, so much has happened since last I was blogging everyday, but those are for another time.

Today, I’m over at Sparkle This! completing our second short story. A little time travel, a little historical, and a little contemporary all rolled together. Six contributing writers and a whole lot of fun.

You can follow the whole story if you start on this LINK. However that entry is the end of the story . . . so, don’t cheat, just scroll all the way down and read from the beginning. Story begins at ‘Turning’. If you have a few minutes, it’s a fun read.

I’ll be back tomorrow to tell you about my lastest read, what’s next on my list, building a new backporch, the next story I’ve started, the broken dryer, meeting author Geralyn Dawson again and so much more.

Come on back to the porch, and sit awhile.

Until then,

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