Spring Break

Oh, I so wanted to bask in the sun this week . . . hey, I live in Texas, I should get to bask in March if I want. HOWEVER, mother nature had other plans and it rained, yep, we’re talking real cats and dogs type of rain. Everyone from the middle of the nation on east has seen the effects I’m talking about.

Instead of sun basking, I’ve been cleaning. What drudgery, but after two sick kids there wasn’t much choice. Do these kiddos not realize they’re wasting my valuable sun basking time? Nope, probably not. But I did draw the limit after 12 loads of laundry. If ain’t clean by now, too bad.

My other task this week has been writing — and frankly, when my head is stuffed in the computer because I’m creating, it doesn’t matter if it’s raining, the kids are sick, or the timer is ringing on the dryer . . . it’s all good. So, I’m pushing through hard and fast on Trickle of Lies, trying to get these characters to talk nicely to one another. It may just work. But it has to be finished. Two of my beta readers are asking almost every week when they’ll get to see the finished draft. Time for stalling is over.

What did you do on your spring break?

Feel free to share.
Until then

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  1. I finally got the time to sit down and read Harm’s Way and I wanted to say how much I enjoyed it. I must say my sister-in-law did an excellent job on this book. I look forward to her next one.

  2. Cute pix 🙂 Alas, no Spring Break for me. I worked, which was okay. I like working. And I plotted out some turning points for book II.

    Sorry to hear the kids were sick.

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