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Ooh, I just love summer for the laziness that comes embedded in the forever days. While some of you are sweating and working away — whether under the blast of overworked A/C units or in the blaze of Texas sun — a few of us find a certain moment each day when ‘Summer Time’ shows up. It’s more a state of mind than an actual tick on the clock. It could show up first thing in the morning, when I’m trotting my dog around the block before the sun becomes ferocious. It could be late evening, when I’m swatting away mosquitoes and cussing the latest device I’ve purchased that guarantees ‘nary a skitter for a mile’ (apparently the ad companies idea of a mile and mine are a mite different). It could be mid-day when I’m headed to the water park to bake my feet on so much concrete and boil in the pretense of sun-block. But at least once a week or so, I find ‘Summer Time’ rolled into a movie.

The massive Hollywood producers swear their studios save the best films for when kids are loose from school and driving ‘Miss Daisys’ or alias their moms around the bend. Perhaps summer films are really better. Perhaps, we, Miss Daisys, are plain-and-simple more desperate to shoo the rugrats out of the house for awhile. And perhaps, sliding into the coolness of A/C that someone else is supplying and paying for, sucking in the tantalizing scent of buttered popcorn, and experiencing the thrill of low lights, loud sounds, and larger than life heroes and heroines makes summer movies so attractive. Whatever the combination, I’ll admit to being drawn into the advertising scheme of those Hollywood producers.

This past week, my youngest daughter and I went to see IRONMAN. Robert Downy Jr. still has great eyes and does a decent job in this film and Gwyneth Paltrow has always been one of my favorites. The plot is predictable, but works fine. Actually, it does have a bit of that anti-war sentiment if one considers where part of the film takes place, but I liked the ‘whole’ higher-learning, we-can-become-more-than- what-we’ve-always-been angle. And the film wasn’t preachy, if that’s a concern. Robert Downy has a great character arc in this movie. Overall, it’s just one of those fun summer films and the exact anti-dote for a hot Texas afternoon.

As it’s Sunday afternoon, and the heat is still baking the ground, we’re headed out to lite up the grill. Nothing fancy, nothing automated about our grill — still done with a serious dose of lighter fluid and a box of kitchen matches at our house. Don’t stand to close now, you hear.

But do come by the porch again soon. I’ll be sipping something cool and chasing mosquitoes. They just love fresh meat.
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  1. Did I tell you I went to see Speed Racer? If it hadn’t been for Matthew Fox’s strong jaw and perfect lips, I would have slithered onto the sticky floor.

    Love the images here. Are you a writer? 😉

  2. Your cacti photo at the top of the page is gorgeous–what beautiful colors!

    And–sigh–I’m an old Robert Downey Jr. fan, too. He was so wonderful and romantic in that film with Marissa Tomei–“Only You.” Have you seen it? I love it for so many reasons–fun cast, goofy story, great shots of Italy :).

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