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On board with TWITTER. I needed to join in order to keep up with the kiddo at Texas A & M. Not specifically her, but the campus as a whole. After the Virginia Tech incident, A & M launched their Code Maroon alert program. Students, staff, employees and parents, who had emails on file, were notified of any emergency situation through text and email messages. This year A & M changed to TWITTER. Students still gets the emergency text, but parents must follow TWITTER.

So as I’m on TWITTER, if you want to follow me, just search my name, and then send a TWITTER alert to me. If you’re already Tweeting, then watch for LoneStarMeander . . . yep, that’s me. I’m not totally sure that short burps (and yes, that’s the right word for it) about my day are exactly exciting, but I decided if I was on-board I might as well play the whole game. It is fun to keep up with some of my favorite authors (Rosemary Clements-Moore, Candy Havens, and Geralyn Dawson– several tweet on and off during the day. It’s kind of like living in their backpocket without being creepy about it.

Chapter 19 (TRICKLE OF LIES) is done and in the completed pile. I’m really pleased with the finished result. I had the basis of the chapter when I sat down yesterday, but so much needed to be filled out. The plot is turning very tight at this point so every revelation is massively important. Not to mention the internal turning points. Yes, I know that there are only 3 or so real turning points (excluding black moment) in each novel; however, there are a massive # of small internal turning points — rising and falling points. To me as the action ratchet up another notch, then the TPs must happen quicker and with as much precision as possible. Surgical precision, if you will.

As this is more of a Sunday morning ramble, I’ll digress onto my dreams last night. Lady Muse decided to visit about my completed chapter, which is totally OK, but she didn’t show up as I drifted off to sleep. That lovely land where writers can still pry their eyes open and jot down the notes. Oh no, she showed up literally in my dreams, layers deep in REM sleep. Short of nightmares, I’ve never managed to extricate myself from REM for note-taking. I tried for 4 years in college and believe me, if I was going to master the technique it would have been then. So, I took the dog for a long walk, hoping to recapture any part of the dream. Unfortunately and fortunately, it’s raining in Texas — kinda all over the state, which is awesome considering our drought status. So despite my desire to drift along in oblivion while the doggy did her duty, I was too busy negotiating rivers of run-off and soggy shoes. Maybe I’ll try a long hot shower after breakfast and see if any part of the dream comes back. Worst part — is that the additions were really perfect. Even in sleep I can remember thinking, “That’s exactly what I want to happen.”

Happy Sunday all. It’s cooler on the porch this morning. Perfect but for the Texas mosquitoes, which are hatching in the droves. I actually think they’re feeding on my supply of OFF.
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