Monday Morning Muses

So, who watched the Superbowl? Okay, I watched about an hour of it. Nope, not the end, but the first hour. Watched with hubby for awhile, but I’m not a football-enthusiast — even though I live with two — I can take it in small doses, then I’m done. By this point in the season, I’m done. So, hooray for the Saints, and I’m sad for the Colts — my daughter is a huge fan. To all those who have kept the loops alive with Macillian/Amazon updates — thanks. I always love a great publishing scoop and this one has definitely been big news. Did you miss the controversy? Go to: ABC Video or Sun […]

I’ve arrived on

Another double post day for me, but I just discovered my book on That shouldn’t be a surprise, because after all, um, Amazon does sell books and I just published a book, HARM’S WAY. But to tell the truth, it was surprising to put in my title, scroll down to #48 (didn’t realize how many books incorporated Harm’s Way when I picked that title) and there is my book cover AND my name. Let me type that again, my name, my name, Sandra Ferguson, yippee, yahoo (sorry, a momentary office dance was necessary) is on Alrighty now, that is pretty cool. It feels like a milestone. Is Amazon cooler than when I signed […]