To pseudonym or not . . .

To pseudonym or not . . . that has been my question. Answer??? Yes. I’ll debut my romantic suspense writing under the pseudonym: K.M. Saint James. A great deal of thought, both fore and after, went in to selecting the name. Each part of the name (initials included) has special meaning to me. I’m normally catchier if I’m long-winded — honestly, just ask anyone who knows me — but in this case a matter of 14 characters captured a part of me that’s profound. I’m expecting my writing to live up to the name, quite honestly. Authors tout a number of reasons for pen names:Writing under different genresCamouflaging their prolific abilitiesMoving beyond bad books, bad […]

Inspiration . . . what inspires you?

Do you need to fill up the well? Jolt that creative side of your muse? What are the things that make your soul sing with joy? What inspires you? Makes you smile when the world is dark and gloomy?For me . . . Family! My dad’s 80th birthday party — and my son getting a royal ribbing for being the red-haired grandson.My dad.Christmas is more fun in a cowboy hat. Vacations really inspire me.Dogs are family, too! Friends! Critique partners — The Flip-Flop Sisters Success! The first book cover.My daughter’s college ring. My son building his own super-sized, mega computer. Great Scenery! The Vitamin String Quartet. Great Music! What else? White chocolate, Macadamin Nut cookies. […]

More Books Sold

The first half of this year has zoomed by. I can barely remember taking a deep breath from New Year’s until now. Partial because of the amount of work I’m doing outside the home, and partly because of the ‘life’ stuff that seems to show up on a day-to-day basis. The writing schedule doesn’t hold up as well as I’d like and following up on my previously released book seems too distant to comptemplate. That said . . . It was a lovely surprise to get my numbers in from The Wild Rose Press, my publisher, and see that my book, Harm’s Way, is still selling. Both digital and hard copies are being purchased. From […]

What’s this? Another Harm’s Way review? Wahoo!

Scrolling through the Wild Rose Press marketing information I found a brand-new review for HARM’S WAY. Okay, any review is great, but the book has been out for a year and it’s still drawing attention so in MHO that’s pretty over the top great. Thanks Tammy at Fallen Angel for reading HARM’S WAY and finding it worth your time to review. Read the whole 4 ANGEL review — it only take a few minutes, — just click here: HARM’S WAY FALLEN ANGEL REVIEW.

Harm’s Way Books In

They’re here . . . they’re here! That’s right; my shipment of HARM’S WAY has finally arrived. A truly cool experience to open a box of books, sniff that great fresh print smell, and know that without me these books would never have existed. Okay, I’m not diminishing my dynamite publishing house The Wild Rose Press , which BTW is where you can still download the ebook version of HARM’S WAY should your prefer; or my great and fabulous editor, Ally Robertson; or my tremendous critique partners, Shannon C, Sherry D, Andrea G, Mary K, Laura M, and Delores S who pushed me and supported me every step of the publishing way; AND certainly not […]


All right, so I’m fast-drafting again tonight and the blog has to be quick. How about a few pictures from my recent Barnes & Noble book-signing? Yep, it was fun. Loads of people showed up and I sold out. How much better can it get? These are two of my hugely helpful CPs, Delores Shaffer (on left of pic) and LA Mitchell (on the right) They were terrific and kept me calm through all my insanity at the signing table. Thanks girlies! Oh, and please don’t ask me what I was doing in this picture. I know it looks like I was directing traffic and maybe I was, but it’s more likely that the camera […]

SOLD-OUT . . . next signing, Thursday, September 6th, 2007

All righty, then, my weekend at my HARM’S WAY book-signing was fabulous. I sold out, yep, that’s right, I sold out of HARM’S WAY in 45 minutes. Lots of wonderful family, friends, and co-workers all turned out for the event at Barnes & Noble in N. Richland Hills. It was unbelievably to walk in to the store and see so many familiar faces. Thank you, thank you, thank you for coming out to share this once-in-a-lifetime moment with me. To all who took pictures, please feel free to send copies to my email: Here are a few pictures from my dear friend and Romance Writer’s of America, Golden Heart finalist: LA Mitchell. If you […]

Harm’s Way review

Judy Thomas, a reviewer for The Long & Short of It said . . . Harm’s Way reminded this reader of Nora Robert’s suspense books. It was so good, I had a hard time putting it down. I’m looking forward to the next offering by this talented writer. I predict, and truly hope, we’ll see much more of Ms. Ferguson. I’m her latest fan. Whew, did you just see my socks roll up and down, then right off my feet? That review blew me away. Okay to be likened to Nora Roberts, is just pretty darned good, but that this reviewer, as a reader, found HARM’S WAY enthralling enough to not put down — that’s […]

The Diva Bookshelf

All right, so this is fun. My romantic suspense release has been highlighted on Diva Bookshelf. Just click on the title ‘Diva Bookshelf’ for a quick pop-over. Yes, this is more shameless self-promotion, but this is part of an author’s job. Have a great Sunday, everyone.