Weekend Craving . . . hunting burgers!

This weekend’s craving was for the perfect Veggie Burger. Now, don’t immediately click off the blog. Veggie burgers can be great. Case in point, the one that was served @ Mellow Mushroom until last week. (Note there’s no link, because they’re on my bad side.) Apparently, the powers-that-be @ Mellow Mushroom didn’t find sales of their Herbed Veggie Burger high enough and it’s been pulled from the menu. Hubby and I went for lunch today, ordered the burger, then after a 25-minute wait we were told the burger had been pulled from the menu. 1st – shame on waiter/management that it took 25 minutes to tell us what we ordered was no longer available. 2nd […]

Food Matters – Motivating

I watched Food Matters (listed under Ted Talks) on Netflix this weekend. While I’m a Vegetarian, we do eat most of our veggies cooked – many steamed, baked or sautéed, but cooked nonetheless. Based on information from Food Matters, and the ever-decreasing nutritional value of fruits and vegetables, we’re trying the 51/49% rule for plating purposes. 51% to be RAW – as in not cooked. What’s the purpose of RAW food? To further eliminate junk food, to limit unhealthy carbs (I am a bread-oholic ), and to kick start my morning system with more smoothies. My pledge was to go for a week. I’ve discovered that I can talk myself into anything for a week. […]

Work-Outs For All Types

For the past 11 months, I’ve trained my body. To become something better than it’s been in a long time. Then it hit me. Why stop at that limit? Why not train to be better than I’ve ever been? So, I hit the NRH Centre gym three to four times a week. I started at thirty to forty-five minutes and, by the end of each session, my face beamed such a splendid cherry red that folks stop to stare at the tomato (that would be me) using the work-out equipment. Looking for actual muscles seemed to be an exercise in futility, but I kept going: three to four times a week. Week after week, I […]

Monday Morning Muses

So, who watched the Superbowl? Okay, I watched about an hour of it. Nope, not the end, but the first hour. Watched with hubby for awhile, but I’m not a football-enthusiast — even though I live with two — I can take it in small doses, then I’m done. By this point in the season, I’m done. So, hooray for the Saints, and I’m sad for the Colts — my daughter is a huge fan. To all those who have kept the loops alive with Macillian/Amazon updates — thanks. I always love a great publishing scoop and this one has definitely been big news. Did you miss the controversy? Go to: ABC Video or Sun […]

New habits for 2010 . . .

Remember, I told you I had ideas for my blog this year, different things than I’ve tried in the past . . . well, here’s taking the first one out for a spin. Hubby is on this major, ‘How do we eat healthier kick?’. A couple of years ago, we switched loads of stuff OUT of our diet: excess sugars — as in all white sugars; sodas (well, he and the kids did. I still have my Dr. Pepper sin.); white breads to wheat breads, regular crackers to wheat-only crackers; changed the salad dressings and yogurts — not to LOW FAT — but we took out the ones with all high sugars in them; hamburger […]

Did someone say Dessert?

Oh yeah, it was me. I should be writing, I have been writing, but I wanted to share this easy-to-do and simply delicious low-cal, low-sugar dessert.What’s needed?A package of Phyllo dough (generally found close to the frozen pie doughs). This is a great pastry for those who are watching calories and fat grams.Fresh fruit (cook’s choice)1/4 Cup Fat-free, plain yogurt2 tablespoons Low-fat mayo or miracle whip2 packets Splenda2 teaspoons Cinnamon1 tablespoon Honey2 tablespoons Reduced fat margarine (I now use the Smart Balance Light because it has the Omega-3 oils) I cut off about a three inch section of the Phyllo dough from one end – keep this moist. Melt margarine (microwave), add Splenda and ½ […]

Texas Biscuits

Got a request for another recipe on my site – something else Texan. Baking biscuits can be a fun Saturday morning activity – with or without kids. It takes a little practice, but I couldn’t cook my way out of a basket when I first married and I learned how to do it. So, belly up to the kitchen, gals and guys for a little homemade fun. Okay, I know biscuits aren’t just a Texas ‘thang’ but mine to happen to come from an old ‘Texas’ family . . . so I’m going to say that counts. INGREDIENTS:2 ½ Cups all purposes flour — sift this into a large bowl1 teaspoon salt — I prefer […]