Sunday Morning Construction

Why do those pesky ‘small’ fix-it or remodel jobs turn out to be so: And HOW, oh HOW do we, weekend DIYers, make them easier? 5 common sense DIY tips to balance the ‘home repair project’ scale. Read the directions Don’t be afraid to ask for help Proper tools YouTube Videos are your friend Take pictures As a serious do-it-all fixer, I’ve learned — through my share of mistakes — a few keys lessons that make installing . . . repairing . . . replacing . . . new construction a bit easier. 1) Read the directions. And I do mean ALL the directions. Don’t skip to what you think concerns you. Read them all. […]

13 Things I Can Never Fix . . .

1) A deflated balloon stuffed down inside the bathtub drain. Drano won’t budge it, there isn’t enough suction power in any wet/dry vac manufactured, forget the clothes hanger, the favorite piece of wire . . . nothing short of a plumbing miracle will remove that slippery piece of rubber. 2) Broken zippers on the favorite purse or backpack. Never fails, perfect purse for the perfect location, and then the dreaded un-zipping occurs. Or the backpack is loaded, kids in the car, dog at the ready, and three out of four zippers on the beloved backpack unravel. 3) Something too high (out of reach) when I can’t find my oh-so-tall son or my handy-dandy step stool. […]

Home Repairs Anyone?

Apparently, my real life’s task is to fix things. In the past eight months or so, any number of dated appliances and creature home comforts have hit the big snafu in my house and died. First it was the garage door. Not the opener, that thing you pop off to Sears and buy another one of. Oh no, it was the actual springs that lift the door. When the springs break (that door you could raise) suddenly weighs its full gargantuan weight and guess what? YOU CAN’T lift it anymore. We called out the repair guy then promptly sent him away. That’s one of those let-me-give-you-one-quote-over-the-phone-then-a-different- and-dramatically-higher-one-when-I-show-up-on-your-doorstep experiences. Picture an unhappy gal, here. I was […]