“We are a people who spend money we don’t have on things we don’t want to impress people we don’t like.” Okay, that is a seriously great line . . . especially with the ring of truism in it. I’d like to take credit, goodness knows, I like good writing; however, this piece of wisdom belongs to the man who wrote Why is God laughing?. Sorry, folks didn’t catch his name in his interview on Good Morning, America. The gentleman who did remind me quite a bit of Mahatma Gandhi, sans the big nose, spoke eloquently about the oxymorons in our lives. My husband, smart guy that he is, related another just a few days […]

Teaching and stuff

YES, I’ve been MIA . . . for several months now. Long story, and perhaps at some point I’ll share it. However, I’m back. As I’m teaching (no this is not a story that one of my students wrote), I decided this should be a warning to all parents about taking serious interest in your kiddo’s homework before it leaves the house. Schedules are busy, time is tight, but read this lovely 3rd graders story and you’ll see that as a parent, we simply can’t be too busy for a little proofread. Hope this makes you smile.Stop by the porch again. I’m waiting for the ice to melt and a bit warmer breeze.Until later~Sandra

Two days deep into school and what’s happened?

My three not-so-munchkin-sized kids started to school this week. Everyone hit the academic buildings on Monday morning — okay, the college student doesn’t start until noon on Mondays. That seems so wrong in the real world, but makes perfect sense in the college environment. So this year it was two high schoolers and one collegiate preppy. What changes when the kids hit that higher level of learning? Did I buy fewer supplies? The requirement is for fewer boxes of crayons, but more map pencils. The glue in the bottle stage has passed, as it’s on to the all important glue stick mania. School note: there is no such thing as too many glue sticks in […]

Summer Movies

Ooh, I just love summer for the laziness that comes embedded in the forever days. While some of you are sweating and working away — whether under the blast of overworked A/C units or in the blaze of Texas sun — a few of us find a certain moment each day when ‘Summer Time’ shows up. It’s more a state of mind than an actual tick on the clock. It could show up first thing in the morning, when I’m trotting my dog around the block before the sun becomes ferocious. It could be late evening, when I’m swatting away mosquitoes and cussing the latest device I’ve purchased that guarantees ‘nary a skitter for a […]

Spring Break

Oh, I so wanted to bask in the sun this week . . . hey, I live in Texas, I should get to bask in March if I want. HOWEVER, mother nature had other plans and it rained, yep, we’re talking real cats and dogs type of rain. Everyone from the middle of the nation on east has seen the effects I’m talking about. Instead of sun basking, I’ve been cleaning. What drudgery, but after two sick kids there wasn’t much choice. Do these kiddos not realize they’re wasting my valuable sun basking time? Nope, probably not. But I did draw the limit after 12 loads of laundry. If ain’t clean by now, too bad. […]

More mom musings

After parenting for almost two decades, I’ve washed/dried/folded more loads of laundry than I care to remember; survived a tantrum or two; mended broken arms, bumped heads, and battered hearts; enjoyed a passel of got-to-squeeze-you-so-tight hugs, sloppy good-night kisses, and ‘Mom, you’re the best’ declarations. After culling through mounds of brought-into-the-house dirt, banging against the rock-hard determination of my kids, and traversing the shifting sands of children’s needs, I’ve managed to mine a few tidbits of gold. Enjoy, and may they add a little extra wisdom to your parenting arsenal. Don’t skimp. Buy the ‘64’ pack of crayons for school. Oh, and get one for home, too. There is no such thing as too-many crayons. […]

Mom Musings

After visiting several recent ‘mom’ blogs, it suddenly occurred to me that I have a vast amount of “occasionally” useful information. That’s simply because I’ve survived all the parenthood years . . . nothing more complex than that. Here are a few of my mom musings: 1) Be prepared to be blamed for everything: lost socks, missing homework pages, runaway gym clothes, and my favorite . . . the absentee shoes that it’s simply not possible for you, as a mom, to wear. 2) That, of course, leads to the second mom musing . . . be expected to know where everything is: the mayo jar stuffed behind the pickles, the jam, and month-old lettuce; […]

Grateful for children

I recently visited a blog in which the author was relating a few of the reasons she was grateful for her kids. Her children are small — that lovely phase of eyelash kisses and squeezing the stuffing out of mommy. Her stories brought back some wonderful memories. And since it is almost Thanksgiving, I thought I’d wax poetic for a minute about the three in my brood. (Um, brood is the right word, as mine occasionally run around like chickens with their heads cut off.) All three of mine are still technically teenagers (the oldest is almost twenty and informs me she’ll be an adult at that age). Many folks aren’t grateful for their teens […]

13 Things You Don’t Want to Hear your Kid Say

After mothering for almost a score of years, I’ve decided there are a number of things that no matter which of your kids (daughters or sons) say, it normally means disaster. At least a little one . . . 1) I don’t know what happened to the dog/cat/bird/hamster/guinea pig – honest. 2) But I only added a little soap. I don’t know where all those bubbles came from. 3) Sure I closed the fridge door. Oh, you meant all the way! 4) Little Johnny said there isn’t any stork. So where do babies really come from? 5) Did I get the keys? You mean, like before I closed the car door? 6) Little Johnny’s mom […]