Love Texas Style

Yahoo! Kick up your heels and set your lasso to pull in a great read. Love Texas Style, an anthology written by twelve — dare I say, yes, I do — unbelievably talented North Texas Romance writers, is now available through the Wild Rose Press. E-books are available at: The Wild Rose Press Want your own autographed print version? Then check back here or at LA Mitchell’s blog for the latest on book-signings. Oh, and make sure to drop LA Mitchell (one of the greatest new writers of our times) a line and let her know how much you enjoyed her The Lost Highway in Love Texas Style.

Reading on . . .

Been away from the computer, but reading and WRITING on! This past week’s read was Lisa Kleypas’s, Sugar Daddy. Well worth the investment of my time. If you love larger-than-life characters, great detail, and dead-solid perfect Texasism, then you’ll want to read Ms. Kleypas’s Sugar Daddy. Feel free to leave your read for the week.

ABC news is following my lead . . .

Okay, if any of you caught the 5:30 news tonight — you know the one time slot where all the pharmaceutical companies advertise? Don’t understand? See my previous post on Why? Why? Why? — then you heard about the frightening epidemic of adult illiteracy. According to ABC sources, 7 million Americans are considered functionally illiterate and 30 million Americans CANNOT read a simple sentence. Here in America, we’re supposed to be ‘not-one-of-the-third-world countries, and yet 30 million of our fellow country men and women can’t read well enough to fill out a job application, a medical consent form, can’t research any subject on the Internet or at their public library, can’t vote . . . […]

Keeping up with the reading challenge

Here’s what I’m reading this week. One of my critique partners *Shannon Canard* is published in this collection of short stories. So, it’s definitely been on my ‘TBR’ (to be read) list. BTW Shannon, I read your story first. My only problem . . . I want more than the little tidbit from the short story. Can I have a full length, please? In addition to this book being a great read, the proceeds go to benefit Women’s Shelters. Great romance reading and for a great cause — how cool is that?

Reading Challenge

I didn’t set out to be cutting-edge, but it’s nice to know The Reader’s Digest and I agree on something basic. People aren’t reading anymore. Not nearly enough according to RD’s information. According to a short snippet in The Reader’s Digest, February 2008, A National Endowment for the Arts study found that Americans are reading less and less for pleasure. Why? Are we working more? More than our forefathers (and especially foremothers) who toiled from sunup to sundown in order to work farms, dairies, ranches? Less educated? Not likely. During the 1910s only 15% of those between the ages of 14 and 17 even attended high school. Today, every state has a mandatory stipulation that […]

Classic Reads . . .

Great fiction is worthy of reading effort. My oldest child, a lover of timeless literature, has shamed me into reading DEEP titles. She’ll ask my opinion on a certain classic, and I’m dreadfully guilty of giving her a blank look. Searching my collegiate memory, I can only remember struggling through the mightily complex House of Seven Gables. Did I read more than one classic while obtaining my Liberal Arts degree? You betcha. Perhaps, I was too simple-minded, too youthfully naive to understand great books at that time. So with age, does true wisdom come? Maybe, or maybe I’m simply capable of seeing between the lines now. Mandy Moore, in ‘A Walk To Remember’, practiced an […]