To War – fighting back from Hurricane Harvey

Weather is a constant, and ‘whether’ it’s you, a family member, the dearest friend, or the most distant neighbor . . . All of us have experienced terrible storms and their aftermaths. Texan proud – I have lived in Texas all my life and like so many fellow Texans, I feel overwhelmed by the devastation that I see left behind from Hurricane Harvey, and I am completely humbled by the outpouring of day-to-day heroes. In a world where anger is so often the proclaimed answer; where violence seems to be the norm; and words slash with deadly accuracy —- I say, enough. Stop for a moment, look around you right now. There is something of […]

West Texas travels

My husband and I traveled into the west Texas area — not far, by Texas standards, but a lovely distance from the commuters jamming every major thoroughfare in the Metroplex. Did you know cows are darn choosy about who stops at their fence? They don’t come when called? And they’re fairly skittish creatures. Meaning they don’t like the sound of auto-wind on a camera. Who knew? Well, I guess the cows did. Travel out towards Weatherford — stop at this great cafe, if you have a chance.


It’s a heck of a thing to do without — electricity, that is. We want to flip a switch, touch a button, or twist a knob and have the world at our fingertips. However, occasionally mother natures decides our egos are a bit to large and crashes trees into transformers. What happens? A very large pop, and then darkness. Well, at least, it’s darkness if it’s late at night. From my profile, folks can see I’m a Texas gal and during the springtime here in the Lone Star State, the weather likes to rock and roll a bit. Last night was another rendition of an obnoxiously loud Rolling Stones concert. As luck (or mother nature) […]