Oxymoron 2.1 version

Oxymoron 2.1 version In updating my blog labels, I ran across this old blog. Folks – it’s worth revisiting. Truisms never go out of style. So, relive the truth from 2009. “We are a people who spend money we don’t have on things we don’t want to impress people we don’t like.” Okay, that is a seriously great line . . . especially with the ring of truism in it. I’d like to take credit, goodness knows, I like good writing. I’d even like to give credit where it’s due; however, this piece of wisdom belongs to the man who wrote, Why is God laughing?. Sorry, I didn’t catch the gentleman’s name during his Good […]

Xue SHEN Hongbo ZHAO Cup of China 2009 SP

Where you watching last night? Figure skating? The first pair of Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao? Then you missed a treat. The You Tube video is the same routine, however, as the Olympics closely guards their videos for release, this one is of the Chinese pair during the 2009 Cup of China. If you’ll watch through the end of the video, there is a Russian (I’m assuming — as this sounds like Russian to me) commentator who reviews the routine. Don’t worry about the words. Simply watch the slow motion of the couple. For all of us who write, the expression of absolute trust on her face and complete confidence on his face is what […]

ABC news is following my lead . . .

Okay, if any of you caught the 5:30 news tonight — you know the one time slot where all the pharmaceutical companies advertise? Don’t understand? See my previous post on Why? Why? Why? — then you heard about the frightening epidemic of adult illiteracy. According to ABC sources, 7 million Americans are considered functionally illiterate and 30 million Americans CANNOT read a simple sentence. Here in America, we’re supposed to be ‘not-one-of-the-third-world countries, and yet 30 million of our fellow country men and women can’t read well enough to fill out a job application, a medical consent form, can’t research any subject on the Internet or at their public library, can’t vote . . . […]

Famous people . . . or not so famous

Today, President Bush honored a 92-year old with a Congressional Gold Medal. No, the purpose of this blog isn’t to highlight ABC News coverage of President Bush, or even the sanctity of the Gold Medal, but the man who deserved this distinctive recognition. Norman Borlaug, a scientist, is credited with saving a billion people from famine. That’s right, billion with a ‘B’. A million millions owe their life to this one man. Why? Because he taught the world to farm. He launched his revolutionary crop-growing techniques in Mexico when many, hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands were starving. He developed a sturdy, shorter form of wheat that withstood harsher conditions and devastation from pests. But he […]