Snow Day X 2

Ah, Beauty, your name is snow — especially when I won’t need to shovel because by tomorrow the temps will raise to 50s and all will be gone! But for now . . . Winter Wonderland in Texas. My son’s unscientific attempt to measure the snowfall. Okay, the ruler was a good idea, but perhaps next time he’ll choose one that the numbers are VISIBLE! Nonetheless, the pictures are eloquent to illustrate the amount of snowfall received in the Lone Star State.

Snow Day

Nightfall in the snow!8 o’clock at night and still the flakes are falling. I’m not sure this bush will ever be the same. Not sure what she’s digging for. Maybe, it’s all the times the squirrels were busy in her yard. She just wanted to try it out. Snow . . . snow . . . everywhere. 45 minutes out of the garage and already hubby’s car is turning white. This picture is for my daughter. The green van was her set of high school wheels. The old car looks pretty good under a drenching of white. Too wild . . . snow in Texas is a dusting, but this, 5inches and counting. Snow Day […]

July Flood

Not that we aren’t accustomed to flash flooding in Texas . . . as a matter of fact with the flatness of some of our state, flash flooding is a way of life. However, I didn’t expect to see it in my backyard. Then, there was the problem of what happened to my street. We . . . um, sorta lost the curb. That water is four inches deep, running river-style down my sidewalk. This was my side yard. Does this mean I don’t have to mow anymore? This is what I did tonight instead of writing. There was that whole issue of either I sweep or the house floods. Hum . . . should […]