Sparkling Today

It’s been awhile since I’ve consistently updated my blog . . . no longer. I’m back! Finished with the 3rd grade round of teaching and I’m back in the writing saddle again. It’s a great fit, and I couldn’t been happier than to listen to my characters fuss and complain. So many things to discuss, so much has happened since last I was blogging everyday, but those are for another time. Today, I’m over at Sparkle This! completing our second short story. A little time travel, a little historical, and a little contemporary all rolled together. Six contributing writers and a whole lot of fun. You can follow the whole story if you start on […]

Sparkle This!

Want to see what I’m working on these days? Pop over to Sparkle This! A group of seven writers, moi included, are enmeshed in our latest short serial — a rather twisted ‘fish out of water’ story — where our modern-day heroine is transported back into regency time in order to solve a murder. There’s a time-jumper, a fairy godmother, an evil stepfather, and a hunky hero. Drop by and read any excerpt under Short Story #2 to follow along. Every few days another writer will post an addition to the story. ~Hope to see you there.Sandra


Went to see the movie, Atonement, last night. Definitely not intended for the entertainment-ONLY bound movie goer. Atonement should be recognized for its brilliant directing, a deep ‘wow, I got think about this’ plot-line, and a symbolic use of color that I’ve seldom enjoyed in a film. I told my daughter, an English Lit major, that Atonement really is a must-see film. The English papers she could write alone from this one movie would make it well worth the $9.50 entrance fee. The only hint I’ll give to you who haven’t seen it . . . be prepared that the movie is a series of flashbacks. Each scene is replayed twice. First, from the main […]