Summer Fun . . .

The NT Critique Gang Pictured are: Sherry, LA Mitchell, Andrea, Jayliss, and Delores . . . I’m shooting the shots, so alas no me! The NT Critique Gang + lovely Candace Havens (author of the Charmed & Dangerous series). This shot was taken at LA Mitchell’s book-signing. So much fun to sit with tea & coffee, and great cookies — thanks Georgette (master book-seller at Barnes & Nobles) and great friends. Pictured are Andrea Geist, Sherry Davis (release of HERE COMES THE BRIBE from The Wild Rose Press this Friday), Candace Havens (new release LIKE A CHARM is out now), Delores Shaffer, and Mary (Jayliss) Karlick (winner of the 2008 Sandy award for best Young […]

Good news . . . no, wait, great NEWS!

This Friday, that’s the 27th of June, one of my dearest writing buddies will release her first long contemporary from The Wild Rose Press. HERE COMES THE BRIBE, is a seriously funny romp between a too-busy, work-alcoholic, too-gorgeous-for-his-own-good boss who’s totally in trouble with his family and his female assistant, who’s saved him from drowning so many times it’s become habit. When he once again dives into the deep end, it’s up to this feisty heroine to keep him from going under for the third time. HERE COMES THE BRIBE is a great read at anytime of the day or night, and a perfect way to spend a little summer down time. Only don’t expect […]

Sparkling Today

It’s been awhile since I’ve consistently updated my blog . . . no longer. I’m back! Finished with the 3rd grade round of teaching and I’m back in the writing saddle again. It’s a great fit, and I couldn’t been happier than to listen to my characters fuss and complain. So many things to discuss, so much has happened since last I was blogging everyday, but those are for another time. Today, I’m over at Sparkle This! completing our second short story. A little time travel, a little historical, and a little contemporary all rolled together. Six contributing writers and a whole lot of fun. You can follow the whole story if you start on […]

Spring Break

Oh, I so wanted to bask in the sun this week . . . hey, I live in Texas, I should get to bask in March if I want. HOWEVER, mother nature had other plans and it rained, yep, we’re talking real cats and dogs type of rain. Everyone from the middle of the nation on east has seen the effects I’m talking about. Instead of sun basking, I’ve been cleaning. What drudgery, but after two sick kids there wasn’t much choice. Do these kiddos not realize they’re wasting my valuable sun basking time? Nope, probably not. But I did draw the limit after 12 loads of laundry. If ain’t clean by now, too bad. […]

Sparkle This!

Want to see what I’m working on these days? Pop over to Sparkle This! A group of seven writers, moi included, are enmeshed in our latest short serial — a rather twisted ‘fish out of water’ story — where our modern-day heroine is transported back into regency time in order to solve a murder. There’s a time-jumper, a fairy godmother, an evil stepfather, and a hunky hero. Drop by and read any excerpt under Short Story #2 to follow along. Every few days another writer will post an addition to the story. ~Hope to see you there.Sandra

Love Texas Style

Yahoo! Kick up your heels and set your lasso to pull in a great read. Love Texas Style, an anthology written by twelve — dare I say, yes, I do — unbelievably talented North Texas Romance writers, is now available through the Wild Rose Press. E-books are available at: The Wild Rose Press Want your own autographed print version? Then check back here or at LA Mitchell’s blog for the latest on book-signings. Oh, and make sure to drop LA Mitchell (one of the greatest new writers of our times) a line and let her know how much you enjoyed her The Lost Highway in Love Texas Style.

Keeping up with the reading challenge

Here’s what I’m reading this week. One of my critique partners *Shannon Canard* is published in this collection of short stories. So, it’s definitely been on my ‘TBR’ (to be read) list. BTW Shannon, I read your story first. My only problem . . . I want more than the little tidbit from the short story. Can I have a full length, please? In addition to this book being a great read, the proceeds go to benefit Women’s Shelters. Great romance reading and for a great cause — how cool is that?