Fort Worth Botanic Gardens

All right, all right, it’s hot outside, but not unbearable. Right now, temps are hovering in the mid-90s and for Texas in August, that’s almost sweater weather. Okay, maybe it’s not that cool. Fact is we, Fort Worth-inites are enjoying breezy afternoons, occasional cloud cover and the end of summer is almost upon us. Before the dog days of summer slip away, check out the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. Isn’t that beautiful? No, I’m not being paid by the Botanical society, although maybe I should send them a bill — just a small one. This is actually a message to my fellow Texans. If you’re heading through Fort Worth, stop for a visit at the […]

Breaking for Spring . . .

The family was ALL home for Spring Break, which is joyous for a mom and wife, and deadly for a writer. I did manage to squeeze in time to write a new book blurb for my upcoming release. Don’t know yet whether it was accepted or the editors will opt for something different. At present, I’m waiting for the galleys to come back from my publisher and to see the release of my front cover! Wow, this part is exciting. As for family time. . . we engaged in several ‘fun day’ activities. We took a Vantrip to Dinosaur Valley Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Great spot—that’s located an hour and a bit from the […]