7 Tips for Travelling the Texas back roads — weekend road trip!

We in Texas are arrogant folks who believe that spring or summer is ALWAYS just around the corner. We hold this belief with solid evidence to back us up . . . well, at least most of the time. This past weekend found me travelling on an East Texas backroads trip for a bit of birthday celebration. Hubby didn’t want a big fuss for his BD, didn’t want entertaining, just some quiet time for the two of us. He had fond memories of a lovely drive through the Davy Crockett National Forest and into Lufkin, Texas. (for map clarification, this is East Texas.) Of course, these memories came from one of his trucking runs, which […]

It’s officially summer

Yep, it’s hot here in Texas. It was awhile in coming, but our lovely little weathermen are focasting a run for 100! As hot as it seems to be in Texas, we don’t normally see 100s in May. A good thing, too, since July and August have plenty of those tar-bubbling, frying-egg-on-concrete, sweat-pouring days. Nonetheless, today is my kids last day of school and we’re headed to the water park. If there is one thing we Texans know how to do, it’s play in the water. This past Memorial Day week-end was boat a-mania. Of course, there is always more than one boat on Texas lakes. It looks more like a jammed freeway on most […]

Breaking for Spring . . .

The family was ALL home for Spring Break, which is joyous for a mom and wife, and deadly for a writer. I did manage to squeeze in time to write a new book blurb for my upcoming release. Don’t know yet whether it was accepted or the editors will opt for something different. At present, I’m waiting for the galleys to come back from my publisher and to see the release of my front cover! Wow, this part is exciting. As for family time. . . we engaged in several ‘fun day’ activities. We took a Vantrip to Dinosaur Valley Park in Glen Rose, Texas. Great spot—that’s located an hour and a bit from the […]