Texas Biscuits

Got a request for another recipe on my site – something else Texan. Baking biscuits can be a fun Saturday morning activity – with or without kids. It takes a little practice, but I couldn’t cook my way out of a basket when I first married and I learned how to do it. So, belly up to the kitchen, gals and guys for a little homemade fun. Okay, I know biscuits aren’t just a Texas ‘thang’ but mine to happen to come from an old ‘Texas’ family . . . so I’m going to say that counts. INGREDIENTS:2 ½ Cups all purposes flour — sift this into a large bowl1 teaspoon salt — I prefer […]

July Flood

Not that we aren’t accustomed to flash flooding in Texas . . . as a matter of fact with the flatness of some of our state, flash flooding is a way of life. However, I didn’t expect to see it in my backyard. Then, there was the problem of what happened to my street. We . . . um, sorta lost the curb. That water is four inches deep, running river-style down my sidewalk. This was my side yard. Does this mean I don’t have to mow anymore? This is what I did tonight instead of writing. There was that whole issue of either I sweep or the house floods. Hum . . . should […]