Writing . . . Margie Lawson . . . agent appointments

Wow! It’s been a busy time. For the past few weeks, I’ve been rushing to get projects completed for a local writing event. North Texas Romance Writers hosted their first Two-Step Conference. Margie Lawson was the guest speaker, along with Cori Devoe from 3 Seas Literary Agency and Melissa Jeglinski from The Knight Agency, who took a full-day worth of agent appointments. Simply said, “Two-Stepping was great!” Many of the conference attendees were experienced. Me . . . I was a virgin in the ways of Margie Lawson. Believe me, it’s a total immersion in writing. The woman is high-energy and she drags her student into the thick of learning with a smile. I understand […]

I’m finished . . . I’m finished . . . doing that happy dance!

This weekend, I typed The End on my 92,000 romantic suspense. This baby has been awhile in birthing — frankly, if I’d carried kids as long as it took me to finish this book, there would have only been one bouncing baby in my house. That said, this manuscript has seen me through a tough loss: my father’s year-long illness and passing, which seriously made me question whether I could ever finish this book. Then came my evolving literary skills: the dawn of my true Texas voice and the huge learning curve for any serious suspense plotter — as in I bit off more intrigue than I knew how to write at the time. Months […]

All Things English . . .

I’m not ignoring all my blog friends, but writing to the end. Long days, and some fairly long nights have dragged (yep, that’s the verb I want) my current work in progress (WIP) across the threshold of writerly ‘hold’ and into the close-to-finished stage. Presently, Trickle of Lies is sitting at 84K on the word count, showing a 397 on page count — lots of dialogue in this manuscript. So, I’m close, really close. The way to finish is not go on the Internet, so I’ve banned myself from the fun stuff I love. However, that said, the following “English Rules” was sent to me in an email — yep, even those are far behind […]

First page

NTRWA is hosting a conference in a few months. As one of the early entrants, I’ve been given the opportunity to submit my first page — for review — to the great Maggie Lawson. She’ll analyze — probably to pieces — the writing, then offer suggestions for making it better. Okay, I’m a little nervous to have Maggie Lawson read anything I’ve penned to paper. I’m posting it. Tell me what you think. What works . . . what doesn’t. This is actually the prologue tugged and tucked into one type-written page, so I may have deleted so much, it doesn’t make sense. Let me know, please, before I’m read in front of a room […]

Sunday Muses . . .

On board with TWITTER. I needed to join in order to keep up with the kiddo at Texas A & M. Not specifically her, but the campus as a whole. After the Virginia Tech incident, A & M launched their Code Maroon alert program. Students, staff, employees and parents, who had emails on file, were notified of any emergency situation through text and email messages. This year A & M changed to TWITTER. Students still gets the emergency text, but parents must follow TWITTER. So as I’m on TWITTER, if you want to follow me, just search my name, and then send a TWITTER alert to me. If you’re already Tweeting, then watch for LoneStarMeander […]

Moving to the end . . .

Over the top and goofy excited because I’ve actually finished a workable ending to Trickle of Lies. I’ve written several endings, but none have rang true . . . or more importantly, tied up every loose thread with a bow. I’ve invested too much time and effort at this point to not be totally in love with the end. I’ve read, and I know you have as well, far too many books where it seemed the author just threw an ending on page. Okay, so it answered all the plot questions, but it was far from satisfying. How many of us started because we read a story, fell in love with the characters, and then […]

Monday Madness . . .

Another Grammar article — Dealing with the Comma — picked up by EzineArticles.com. Wahoo, for me. My written word floating around the web is always a good thing. Besides, I’m a little partial to getting the use of the comma corrected. Too many extraneous commas — missing ones for that matter — in basic writing today. A good grammar book should be a must for all. Not, just writers! I can think of few careers into today’s job market where a certain amount of writing is not required. Yet, folks by the hordes throw words at a page and assume they’ll stick in the proper, punctuated order. Not hardly. So, writing grammar tips on the […]

Spring Break

Oh, I so wanted to bask in the sun this week . . . hey, I live in Texas, I should get to bask in March if I want. HOWEVER, mother nature had other plans and it rained, yep, we’re talking real cats and dogs type of rain. Everyone from the middle of the nation on east has seen the effects I’m talking about. Instead of sun basking, I’ve been cleaning. What drudgery, but after two sick kids there wasn’t much choice. Do these kiddos not realize they’re wasting my valuable sun basking time? Nope, probably not. But I did draw the limit after 12 loads of laundry. If ain’t clean by now, too bad. […]

Trickle of Lies is Trickling along . . .

Two days ago I was ready to kill off Kyra and Boston. Wait, don’t panic. I’m a writer; I get to kill folks off. However, eliminating my hero and heroine before page 100 was a bad IDEA for a romance novel. So, I preserved. Not because I wanted to . . . at times, I hate these characters. But I have a lot invested in them at this point. Fully-fleshed backstories, complicated family structures, unique character quirks and my hero and heroine actually do work quite well in this specific plot. Wow, it’s almost like I planned that *GRIN*. So, if my main characters were well-developed, complete with appropriate Goal, Motivation and Conflict, and the […]

Back In The Chair . . .

I’ve been away a few days (sad tale, that I’ll save for another entry), but I knew when I flew back into town it was definitely time to get busy. Amazingly, I followed my own advice. Re-touched one article (Parenting) and one short (less than 500 words—a type of filler for magazines) and submitted both. Although I use a computer log for when I submit what and where, I’ve decided to start a folder and print out my queries, keeping them in date order. At least, that’s the plan for the moment. I may print out the articles, and put the queries behind them for better organization. What’s your favorite way to keep track of […]