More Books Sold

The first half of this year has zoomed by. I can barely remember taking a deep breath from New Year’s until now. Partial because of the amount of work I’m doing outside the home, and partly because of the ‘life’ stuff that seems to show up on a day-to-day basis. The writing schedule doesn’t hold up as well as I’d like and following up on my previously released book seems too distant to comptemplate. That said . . . It was a lovely surprise to get my numbers in from The Wild Rose Press, my publisher, and see that my book, Harm’s Way, is still selling. Both digital and hard copies are being purchased. From […]

Wild Rose Press website

Not to panic–did you pop over to Wild Rose’s Press website and get garbage? Don’t worry. Wild Rose Press’s server isn’t big enough and the move is on. For the next day or so, the connection to their website will be spotty. It’s coming back. Oh and by the way! Harm’s Way was on the front page for released in print.