Thirteen Thursday

What I learned since signing my publishing contact . . . in no specific order! 1) Take time writing your book blurb.2) Share your good news with everyone you know.3) Order business cards — flashy and have them ready to pass out.4) Start a blog or journal on your website. Keep people posted on what’s ahead.5) Don’t be afraid of re-writes — tightening with the help of your editor is priceless.6) Join Yahoo groups.7) Ask questions of fellow authors, where do you get the gold ‘Autograph Copy’ stickers, did you host a book-signing? What worked? What would you do differently? 8) Order some of your books in print when they become available.9) Ask your CP […]

Copyright and Release Date

Harm’s WayCOPYRIGHT © 2007 by Sandra FergusonAll rights reserved. No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission of the author or The Wild Rose Press except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Contact Information: info@thewildrosepress.comCover Art by Tamra WestberryThe Wild Rose PressPO Box 706Adams Basin, NY 14410-0706Visit us at Publishing HistoryFirst Crimson Rose Edition, March 2007PRINT ISBN 1-60154-047-7 Published in the United States of America There it is . . . the COPYRIGHT page for my soon-to-be-released book. I can’t quite describe the feeling of seeing my name listed behind the COPYRIGHT logo, except to say this all suddenly […]

Business Card Website

Useful writer site: Looking for self-promotion ideas? Business cards lend the air of professionalism to any business–why not to a writer? I found a great site at Vistaprint to order ‘nice’ business cards for reduced rates. I clicked on their webpage and and signed up for their mailings and received a number of Free offers. Okay, they were FREE from a select grouping of their stock paper and IF I paid for the shipping, which was reasonable. Below are the cards I had made for just the cost of shipping. That’s inexpensive enough to use a different card for each of my book releases. Hey, I believe it thinking positive and that I will have […]

The Edits Arrive . . .

They’re here! The edits from my editor. I was pretty darned excited. Okay, not the most eloquently written, but you get my point. This is my first go round on having a paid professional critique my work. (Yes, a few published authors had read it and my Critique Partners have lavished their attention over it—but those people know me, and somewhat like me.) This professional and her invaluable opinion needed to be brutally honest and totally objective so I could produce the best book possible. Was I nervous to open the document? Um . . . of course. What if she bled red ink across my beloved manuscript pages? DOUBLE scored scads of witty dialogue […]

Unbelievably Great News and Time-Travel

GREAT NEWSI still feel like I should be pinched awake from a dream. I received the news this past week that HARM’S WAY (my first romantic suspense) will head to print release sometime in May 2007. Print Release – Wow! When I signed the contract with Wild Rose Press (the publisher), I expected digital release and maybe print if my numbers were good enough. But I learned through an email with my editor that HARM’S WAY has been tagged for a print version. The folks at Wild Rose Press ( have been wonderfully supportive. It feels surreal to open emails from my editor. I need to backup and say that again—my editor. Wild Rose Press […]