Did someone say Dessert?

Oh yeah, it was me. I should be writing, I have been writing, but I wanted to share this easy-to-do and simply delicious low-cal, low-sugar dessert.What’s needed?A package of Phyllo dough (generally found close to the frozen pie doughs). This is a great pastry for those who are watching calories and fat grams.Fresh fruit (cook’s choice)1/4 Cup Fat-free, plain yogurt2 tablespoons Low-fat mayo or miracle whip2 packets Splenda2 teaspoons Cinnamon1 tablespoon Honey2 tablespoons Reduced fat margarine (I now use the Smart Balance Light because it has the Omega-3 oils) I cut off about a three inch section of the Phyllo dough from one end – keep this moist. Melt margarine (microwave), add Splenda and ½ […]

Climbing Status . . .

This past weekly my editor passed along some rather terrific news. HARM’S WAY has climbed the ranks and is the #1 Best Seller for the Crimson Rose imprint—that’s the Romantic Suspense line at The Wild Rose Press. Not possible I thought! It’s a first release, only been out a few weeks. I was sure my editor had spent too long attached to her computer and her eyes had crossed. How could MY book be #1? I logged into the Crimson Rose page and up popped the CURRENT Best Seller list, and sure-shooting, as we say here in Texas, HARM’S WAY was listed at #1. I’ll admit I did the happy dance around my computer—not a […]

My book is released . . .

DRUM ROLL PLEASE! HARM’S WAY will be released tomorrow, April 13th, 2007 in the e-pub format. So for all of you who love to read at their computer, here’s your chance to get the first look at HARM’S WAY. A print version will be released on June 8th, 2007, so you can have your autographed copy as well. Visit: The Wild Rose PressScroll down on the opening page and you will find my release. Click and follow the directions for download, and enjoy the read. Please feel free to post a review on The Wild Rose Press or here on my blog. Comments are always welcome.

Nathaniel Hawthorne quote

‘Easy reading is damned hard writing’ – Nathaniel HawthorneFor writers everywhere, this is the perfect quote. Each writer wants their work to be filled with fully-fleshed and compelling characters, complex and intricately woven plots, and a satisfying and worthy ending. But more than these technical aspects, the reader should share the characters’ joys and heartaches, experience exhilaration as the characters reach mountaintops and despair for the plunges into the valleys below. The reader should LIVE something new because of the words on the page. Ernest Hemingway wrote, then rewrote the final page of The Old Man and The Sea thirty-eight times before he was satisfied. Why? Because easy reading is damned hard writing. What is […]

Book Cover

I am just a wee bit excited at the moment. I’ve given birth to a book. Surprisingly, the labor pains of writing and delivering a child are remarkably similar. This book cover represents ten years of determination and gutsy tenacity, and a whole lot of hard work. Recently, author Lori Wilde said if you’re a writer depending on luck, you aren’t working hard enough. I’ll second Lori’s thoughts. I thought luck would be the final push to ultimate publication: meeting the right agent at a conference, pitching to an editor who would love my voice, falling across a publisher who couldn’t wait to print my books. None of those things happened. Though I certainly queried […]

A good day writing

As writers, we love those ‘ah-ha’ moments. We call them epiphanies. Big word, bugger to spell – I always get it wrong on the first try! As writers, we weave the ‘ah-ha’ moments in for our readers: characters learning something new on page, discovering a breakthrough in their own personality, or the unfolding of the plot. However . . . if we are very lucky, sometimes the epiphany belongs to the writer. Today was a good writing day. I, actually, should say an excellent writing day as the epiphany was mine. For months I’ve been honing the skill of front-loading the suspense in my under construction manuscript. The first three chapters have been written no […]

Author Shock

It seems as though I’ve been writing forever. I’ve always had a book under construction—for those who write, the ‘under construction’ makes perfect sense. Friends encountered at PTA meetings or the occasional night-out gathering, folks met in the grocery store line, strangers in the bank line, and those considered ‘stranger still’ in the gas line would strike up conversations and ask the inevitable. “What do you do?” My answer–three words, simple to say, impossible to explain—“I’m a writer.” The responses, over my forever writing career, have been varied and entertaining—some of these unique individuals will certainly show up in one of my future manuscripts. As I started publishing articles, poems, and fillers to finally earn […]

Resolutions and stuff

It’s January 3rd and already a dozen, okay a half of dozen, things have broken or malfunctioned in my house. Isn’t there some sort of grace period after the holidays? Some part of the warm fuzzy left-over feeling that should keep everything from tanking at once? God knows, if all the chocolate I consumed during the holidays gets to stay plastered to my hips, then I am entitled to a few bonus ‘nothing-goes-wrong’ weeks. Besides I don’t have time for ornery machinery and cantankerous equipment, I’m working on resolutions. How can I possibly resolve to keep up with the laundry in 2007 if my dryer heads off to lint heaven? Not that I really care […]