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YES, I’ve been MIA . . . for several months now.

Long story, and perhaps at some point I’ll share it.

However, I’m back.

As I’m teaching (no this is not a story that one of my students wrote), I decided this should be a warning to all parents about taking serious interest in your kiddo’s homework before it leaves the house.

Schedules are busy, time is tight, but read this lovely 3rd graders story and you’ll see that as a parent, we simply can’t be too busy for a little proofread.

Hope this makes you smile.
Stop by the porch again. I’m waiting for the ice to melt and a bit warmer breeze.
Until later

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0 thoughts on “Teaching and stuff

  1. Oh, my! Learned some interesting things about “hores.” 🙂 The story reminded me of a project I did with my students once involving limericks. I told the kids they could bring in poetry books to share with the class. One darling girl found a limerick book at home and brought it in…not realizing, of course, that it was FULL of erotic limericks. I told the girl that it was kind of an “adult” book, but it was really nice of her to bring it in, etc. Her mother called me that afternoon, horrified and embarrassed. I told it was fine–none of the kids “got” the poems–but I couldn’t stop laughing :).

  2. I love it. Spelling really is a lost art with kids these days! We miss seeing you around our school. Hope that all is well and things have calmed down.

  3. Sandra–good to see you blogging again, you were missed! And you can always be counted on for a laugh over here–I’m going to print out that report and put it up somewhere. It’s just too precious!

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