Texas Jewel Series: Book 1 by Melissa Alexia

Author, Melissa Alexia, sets her series: Texas Jewel, in the heart of West Texas.

Filled with snakes — real and human-like — Julia (Jewels) Starling navigates unknown terrain after returning to bury her grandfather.

A long estrangement between the two of them leaves Jewels with a whole heap of problems as she tries to determine why the old man left her the land.

Between her past history with the ‘Big Douche’, the local sheriff who wants to play hanky-spanky, the sleazy drug lord, and the current man who ‘needs’ her to say ‘I do’, Jewels has way too many men vying for her attention.

For a gal who just felt the need to show up for the reading of the will, life is suddenly filled with blistering complications.

Caught between the proverbial Texas rock and Hell’s own hard place, Jewels needs to keep herself alive, figure out who ALL is lying to her, and escape the West Texas heat.

This fast-paced story leaves readers wanting to find out what happens next to Jewels and the men who want her.

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