Texas Roller Derby

Lots of friends were enjoying a class reunion this weekend. Me? I tried something a bit new. Texas Roller Derby.

Never been? This event was at Blue Line Center in N. Richland Hills. 4 teams — leagues — skated. Two separate matches. This was at the beginning of the match and the National Anthem. Doesn’t appear to matter what the sport in the good ole’USA. Before a match, everyone hits their feet for the National Anthem. The singer — sorry, I didn’t catch his name, but he’s opened for a couple of local bands — did a great job.

And then the crowds, friends, family and I’m assuming spectators simply lined the skating surface to hoot and holler for the upcoming matches. It’s a feisty crowd, so if you plan to attend make sure to bring your loudest voice.

A bit hard to tell, but these aren’t kids. Well, they’re all kids to someone my age. But many of these are women with a little meat on their bones and a bit of true maturity in their smiles. Several of the skaters from the first match, merged into the crowd seated on the risers, and mingled with friends and families. Quite a few had their kids with them. It was awesome to watch these women skate all out, jamming through (there is a Jammer, a skater who must push through the block of bodies, and actually score the points), skidding onto the floor, bouncing hard against each other and still going after the win.

Want to see a match? Visit: Dallas Derby Devils for the next team times. Generally, once a month and on a Saturday night. Tickets were $13.00 in advance, $15.00 at the door, or you can buy a ticket directly from one of the skaters.

Programs were free with the purchase of a ticket. This warning tidbit was inside the front cover. It explains the mood and the general fun enjoyed by most at the Derby.

And most of all . . . welcome back to my porch. I’ve been on a long sabbatical. It’s great to be back in land of Texas and Romance With a Texas Twist.

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  1. Hey, Sandra. Interesting post. I hate to admit I remember watching roller derby on TV with my Dad. Like maybe late high school. It was very exciting. Glad to see this post and know where you are. I'll follow.

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