Love Suspense? Author, Lisa Garner was a real Texas treat for suspense readers.

K.M. Saint James & Lisa Garner

One of my favorite suspense authors – #1 NYTimes best seller, Lisa Garner.

January 2020, Lisa Garner was the highlight for crowds of suspense readers at NRH Library. (that’s Texas, folks)

I was a fan girl, too!

Meeting Lisa and listening to her writing process, learning tidbits of author knowledge, then obtaining a personalized, autographed copy of her latest release: When You See Me was a true rush.

How cool when a NYTimes best seller challenges you to work on your book!

When You See Me – book review

If you’re a lover of Lisa Garner, then this book is a journey filled with old friends: FBI agent Kimberly Quincy, Sergeant D.D. Warren, and serial-killer-survivor Flora Dane. These dynamic women stalk then storm across the pages of When You See Me. Introduce a new embattled character, known only by the name ‘Girl’, and Lisa Garner spins a nail-biting, hang-on-to-your-seat thriller. Bad guys (and gals) fill the pages in this dark tale, but discovering the ultimate villain happens in true Lisa Garner form — readers uncover the truth along with the characters. This twisted, evolving plot is worthy of master-thriller Dame Christie. Add a budding romance (nope, not going to tell you who, but if you’re a follower of this series, you’ll figure it out), this latest Lisa Garner release hits on all cylinders.

Ms. Garner’s ‘library talk’ was a treat to all who attended at NRH Library. She shared:

1) hilarious tidbits of her time at the ‘body farm’; (for those unfamiliar — the Anthropological Research Facility or nicknamed the ‘body farm’ is a location associated with the University of Tennessee that researches all things ‘decomposing’.) Lisa shared her experience — her second to the body farm — and how quickly forensic science is evolving and how that impacts her writing. After all, Ms. Garner is all about realism on page for her readers and even stomping through the mud and muck doesn’t deter her in getting the facts right.

2) her long hikes (looking for squirrels, raccoons and other forest creatures); apparently bodies buried in shallow graves do NOT stay in those shallow graves. Ms. Garner shared that her oft daily walks are now much more 360 degrees as she’s constantly aware that the woods hold many secrets undetected by casual hikers.

3) and her life pressing from one deadline to another. As a reader of Lisa Garner’s, I loved the highly entertaining side stories that she shared. As a writer, I was thrilled to learn — even with all her success — she still deals with so many of the common obstacles that other writers encounter. Lisa Garner was warm, personable, and down-right funny. All-in-all, one of the most enjoyable afternoon that I’ve spent. BONUS – I had the pleasure of starting then voraciously reading When You See Me.

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