Things aren’t always what they appear . . .


I tried to be terribly creative and ground these images to how I work as a writer. The whole ‘words are big and needed to be reduced to size to fit our page’, or ‘this is how I feel when I write my characters into a corner and need my muse to throw me a life-line’, etc. But how about this . . . I simply love sidewalk art. It speaks to the artist trapped inside me — the one who will never get free because I can’t draw a straight line without the help of a ruler. I’m always in awe at the images folks can create with a box of chalk and an load of imagination.

So in the end: Enjoy the talents of the artist below. I did.

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  1. These are fantastic!! Thanks so much for taking the photos and for sharing them with us… I’m in awe of artistic talent like this. To get inside the minds of people who can create this way would be amazing…how do they “see” like that?

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