Thirteen Thursday

What I learned since signing my publishing contact . . . in no specific order!

1) Take time writing your book blurb.
2) Share your good news with everyone you know.
3) Order business cards — flashy and have them ready to pass out.
4) Start a blog or journal on your website. Keep people posted on what’s ahead.
5) Don’t be afraid of re-writes — tightening with the help of your editor is priceless.
6) Join Yahoo groups.
7) Ask questions of fellow authors, where do you get the gold ‘Autograph Copy’ stickers, did you host a book-signing? What worked? What would you do differently?
8) Order some of your books in print when they become available.
9) Ask your CP and friends to post reviews on your website,, the publisher’s website.
10) Keep writing. Some editors do want the next book.
11) When you set up a book-signing, mail your own reminder cards for the event.
12) Determine your author brand and develop a slogan that captures the essence of your writing style. In a few words ONLY, what sets your writing apart from all others.
13) Post excerpts of your book everywhere on the Internet! Okay, maybe not everywhere, but research which sites allow excerpt posting then surf the site for a few days and see if excerpts along the lines of your book are posted there. Yeah, they are? Then post away.

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0 thoughts on “Thirteen Thursday

  1. How cool! I am TT’ing with a professional writer :) Wow!

    That is something I should keep in mind since I am writing romance novels for the local market as well :)

    Happy TT’ing! Thanks for stopping by mine.

  2. Absolutely!!! All those things. Oh, and consider what you’ll say when someone wants to see your book.
    For me, it was SO awkward because I hadn’t really thought about someone I KNEW reading my stuff. LOL.

  3. You asked me a Q on my blog…
    why a pen name? hmmm, I can’t imagine my own, somewhat long, plain name on a book. The reason’s don’t get better as I think on it. I’ve tried to think of a really cool reason that I would pick a pen name…i’m in the witness protection program, i practice bigamy… there just isn’t that great of a reason. LOL

    There is however some freedom in writing under another name. No, I don’t write erotic or porn. It’s more of a state of mind.

  4. Thanks for visiting all my new TT friends.

    Crazy Working Mom: my book is a romantic suspense, a bit on the hot side, but not too much. It deals with computer stalking, Internet invasion, a hunky silent-type bodyguard, and a woman determined to stand on her own. It was fun to write. I hope it’s fun to read. My first book-signing is this weekend, so we’ll see how that goes.

    Morgan: loved the answer on the pen name. I agree with the freedom issue — I really wish I’d considered that aspect more carefully before I published.

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