Thoughtful Thursday

It seems like such a simple word . . . but the meaning, the emotion, the grief behind the word can be heart-breaking, devastating, and life-altering.

This has been a difficult week: the tragedy in Manchester, UK has gripped headlines and the collective heart of the world.
A few hours ago, I learned that a young man who I have known for close to ten years was killed in an auto accident. Notice that I didn’t say senseless; accidents are inherently senseless. But, alas, the loss is always profound.

So much death, some at a distance, some close and personal. So much life yet to live and explore for all these people.

But wasted? I think not.

Our lives change between one breath and the next.
One moment the world is balanced and ‘normal’.
The next, nothing seems to fit together. As though the puzzle has been dropped to the floor and all the pieces broken and scattered.

When tragedy strikes, it’s difficult to watch the normal around us. To hear laughter. To see smiles. To witness families with their scuffs of sibling interaction to the soothing touch of a mother or father. The grief comes in waves all but washing away the sand, leaving the spouse, child, brother, sister, friend wobbly and unsteady on their feet.

There is no quick fix to grief. No immediate remedy to the desolation of a loved one’s sudden death.

But there can be moderation for the loss.

Have you ever watched a child play at Hopscotch? One square at a time. Dropping the rock, then hopping and moving to the next square, then the next, but always moving forward. Until they reach the end, accomplish the goal and come back to home — exactly the same way: one square at a time.

Loss should be treated the same – one square at a time.

Every life lived is a joy. A celebration.

For those who have left this world, gone ahead, entered a better place, stood at the Gates of Heaven . . . they have left behind so much: smiles and tears, accomplishments and do-overs, serious moments and outrageous adventures, tenderness and temper.

Time is fleeting,

The blink of an eye.

The moment between breaths.

The giggle of a child, the whisper of a loved one, the caress of a lover, the smile of a stranger.

Fleeting . . . but oh-so precious.

Every life is a gift. Every life lived is worthy.

Perhaps best said in the poem The Dash.

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