To pseudonym or not . . .

To pseudonym or not . . . that has been my question.



I’ll debut my romantic suspense writing under the pseudonym: K.M. Saint James. A great deal of thought, both fore and after, went in to selecting the name. Each part of the name (initials included) has special meaning to me. I’m normally catchier if I’m long-winded — honestly, just ask anyone who knows me — but in this case a matter of 14 characters captured a part of me that’s profound. I’m expecting my writing to live up to the name, quite honestly.

Authors tout a number of reasons for pen names:
Writing under different genres
Camouflaging their prolific abilities
Moving beyond bad books, bad reviews, bad life choices
Perhaps just for the joy to write exactly what they want, how they want, and without outside expectations.

To name a few, and famous:
Please don’t respond with criticism of the order — it’s purely random.

Nora Roberts & J.D. Robb
Stephen King & Richard Bachman (if you don’t know the story about his separate identities, invest the research time. Fascinating story.)
JK Rowling & Robert Galbraith
Agatha Christie & Mary Westmacott
Shelly Bradley & Shayla Black
Sherrilyn Kenyon & Kinley McGregor

Abigail Van Buren (Dear Abby) & Pauline Phillips/Jeanne Phillips

My reason for utilizing a pen name? For the joy, for the expansion beyond everything that encapsulates me currently to become more than I ever dreamed. Considering how grand my dreams — that’s a whole lot of expectations.

I’m excited for the journey to begin.
Check back for release dates and for more of the writing journey.

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