To War – fighting back from Hurricane Harvey

Weather is a constant, and ‘whether’ it’s you, a family member, the dearest friend, or the most distant neighbor . . . All of us have experienced terrible storms and their aftermaths.

Texan proud – I have lived in Texas all my life and like so many fellow Texans, I feel overwhelmed by the devastation that I see left behind from Hurricane Harvey, and I am completely humbled by the outpouring of day-to-day heroes.

In a world where anger is so often the proclaimed answer; where violence seems to be the norm; and words slash with deadly accuracy —- I say, enough.

Stop for a moment, look around you right now. There is something of beauty in front of you; something that will provide you joy; and something that YOU can do for another.

The smallest acts are often the most valuable.

My personal kindness challenge:

1) Not one whiny word for the day, not one accusation, not one UNNECESSARY frown.

2) Stay in the moment, look inside, and find joy.

Hurricane Harvey pictures speak LOUD & CLEAR, if you listen.

Hurricane Harvey blows ashore:

South Texas underwater:

Emergency rides come in all shapes & sizes, but the rescuers are all a blessing.

Some need a personal carry:

Heroes save EVERYONE!

Even our Texas dogs are ‘doers’. Sometimes, you have to save yourself.

In times of crisis and greatest need, folks seem to find that which makes us truly ‘human’. But everyday shouldn’t required a crisis to offer kindness — it should be our daily goal.

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