Universal Truths from CHILDHOOD to ADULTHOOD to OLD AGE!

As I’ve aged, I learned several universal truths. I ran across a few of these in past emails and wanted to share the wisdom.


Childhood wisdom . . . trial and error. Sometimes, the smartest in the room are the youngest.

Families . . . are like fudge . . .

Then there is adulting when you’d rather be relaxing on a beach with a drink & umbrella.

And finally, with age comes WISDOM . . . or does it?

Age is only ONE moment in time!

From the youngest to the oldest, it’s often the simple pleasures that measure our success.

Final thoughts . . . too important to be left out: Dog Wisdom

I’ve enjoyed sharing my funnies with you. Laughter maybe exercise on the inside, but it’s often what keeps us sane on the outside. Find a reason to laugh today. You’re worth that effort.

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