Update on Cell phone tips!

Go to SNOPES at http://www.snopes.com/inboxer/household/cellphones.asp

Not all of the techniques from my previous post work. Sorry, friends. I should have checked this closer before I posted. Thanks, Juliet for finding this link for me.

However, the FREE 411 will work. Also, I know that there is an additional Free 411 service, check the comments section in the earlier post.

The PIN access will work on Samsung, AT & T, and Motorla phones. Whether the phone company will shut down your phone or not depends on your service provider. So check with them.

Also, if you’re in Texas and check the back of your DL, there is a 1-800 phone number that will provide road-side assistance, supposedly FREE OF CHARGE. I did say supposedly — as I haven’t tried this yet. Apparently this service is paid for by Texas taxes. Thanks to one of my fellow NT writers who offered this tip.

However, big disappointment is that the ‘unlock the car’ technique won’t work. Apparently not on the same signal wave-lengths. For those of us who’ve managed to lock our keys in the car this one was gravely disappointing.

I put road-side assistance on my college student’s phone and the good thing about this is that the coverage is on the PHONE not the car. So if she’s with a friend and said friend locks her keys in the car, my daughter just needs to have her phone and ID to prove she’s the user of the phone and road-side assistance will show up and get the car unlocked. I know this one works because my daughter has needed to use it. Also, she left the lights on inside her car and sent her battery into the wasteland. Even though her car was parked face in against a garage wall, the service that came out brought a portable charge unit and started her car.

Hope these tips are helpful.

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  1. Very cool info! If anyone has the option of OnStar on their vehicle, they should invest in it 🙂 My sister locked my keys in the car when we were at a gas station (seconds from Cocoa Beach) and one simple call later, my vehicle was unlocked!! Saving myself a couple hours worth of headaches that day was worth the yearly fee.

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