Vacationing . . .

We’re back — just for the day, so I’m rushing to get a few more photos and info on the blogsite — hope you enjoy the pictures and the great places there are to see in Texas. We loved this part of our vacation.


Son and husband beside the grave of yep, famous coach Tom Laundry, who still reigns as supreme Texas Cowboy coach in our house. This is at the Texas State Cemetery. Didn’t know there was such a place, visit here: Texas State Cemetery.

More pics of the cemetery:
Confederate gravesite area — hauntingly beautiful!
Flowing garden at the beginning of the cemetery.

Mission San Juan in the theatre located inside the visitors’ center.
Everyone’s heard of The Alamo, but there are actually four additional missions in the San Antonio area. We chose the site as it has the only working mill still on site. Visit here: San Juan Mission for more information.

This photo taken at The Alamo in one of the back gardens. We wandered the riverwalk during the middle of the day. Can you say hot and humid? We’re dripping, but the scenery is lush.

Come on back by the porch later in the week to see more photos.

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  1. Oh, your vacation looks so wonderful–glad you had a great time and made it back safe and sound!

    More pictures soon? Please? 🙂

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    Lovely pictures!:)

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