Weekend Craving . . . hunting burgers!

This weekend’s craving was for the perfect Veggie Burger.

Now, don’t immediately click off the blog.

Veggie burgers can be great.

Case in point, the one that was served @ Mellow Mushroom until last week. (Note there’s no link, because they’re on my bad side.) Apparently, the powers-that-be @ Mellow Mushroom didn’t find sales of their Herbed Veggie Burger high enough and it’s been pulled from the menu.

Hubby and I went for lunch today, ordered the burger, then after a 25-minute wait we were told the burger had been pulled from the menu.

1st – shame on waiter/management that it took 25 minutes to tell us what we ordered was no longer available.
2nd – I did order one of their Gluten-Free Pizza options (again, don’t say ick! – Gluten Free means that a different type of flour is used in the crust. I promise if you have the right homemade crust from alternate flour, you won’t complain, most likely won’t know.) The pizza was fine. However, when one is really jonesing for a burger, then pizza – even good pizza – isn’t the answer.

Now, I’m on the hunt for the perfect Veggie Burger recipe, but it’s specific. I want kale/brown rice/quinoa and mushrooms in my basic burger.

My Twitter account is in high drive at the moment as I’ve sent out scads of personal messages to fellow ‘weekend chefs’.

If you’ve dropped by my porch and have a suggestion on a recipe, pop me a note on where to find it.

OH, and if you want a great pizza (just don’t ask what the crust is made from) go to: Across The Pond

(of course, living near or visiting Fort Worth, TX is helpful.) If you don’t have an Across the Pond, experiment a bit with Gluten-Free alternative pizza options.

Best Suggestion – visit restaurants that advertise Vegetarian/Vegan/Gluten Free options. Someone in the kitchen will know what they’re doing and you’ll more than likely (I didn’t give an absolute guarantee) be pleased.

Happy Cow
is a great phone app for this type of search.

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