What’s this? Another Harm’s Way review? Wahoo!

Scrolling through the Wild Rose Press marketing information I found a brand-new review for HARM’S WAY.
Okay, any review is great, but the book has been out for a year and it’s still drawing attention so in MHO that’s pretty over the top great.

Thanks Tammy at Fallen Angel for reading HARM’S WAY and finding it worth your time to review.

Read the whole 4 ANGEL review — it only take a few minutes, — just click here: HARM’S WAY FALLEN ANGEL REVIEW.

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0 thoughts on “What’s this? Another Harm’s Way review? Wahoo!

  1. What a fantastic review! Congratulations on this…and I especially liked the way the reviewer took time to give specifics about what she enjoyed in the book and in the characterization of your heroine. YAY!!!!

  2. I agree with Marilyn. Sometimes reviews are so general, they’re not helpful or persuasive at all. She took the time to point out your dynamic characters and the interplay between them that’s so sizzling.

    What a great surprise for you a year later :)

  3. I’m adding my agreement to Marilyn and LA. What a wonderful surprise. And it just proves that a good book is a good book, whatever genre it’s written in.

    Congratulations. It’s a well deserved great review.

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