Xue SHEN Hongbo ZHAO Cup of China 2009 SP

Where you watching last night? Figure skating? The first pair of Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao? Then you missed a treat.

The You Tube video is the same routine, however, as the Olympics closely guards their videos for release, this one is of the Chinese pair during the 2009 Cup of China.

If you’ll watch through the end of the video, there is a Russian (I’m assuming — as this sounds like Russian to me) commentator who reviews the routine. Don’t worry about the words. Simply watch the slow motion of the couple.

For all of us who write, the expression of absolute trust on her face and complete confidence on his face is what we dream of existing between our protagonists. Watch the beginning — the grasp of his hand around her fragile wrist — firm, secure — keep watching and in a few moments, he grasp again, but then with the slightest brush of her fingers, he releases. When he lifts her, spinning across the ice, she balances on his two thin blades, the palm of his hand, and his strength, yet not for one instant do we, the viewers, believe he doesn’t hold her securely and safely.

I suppose this especially struck a chord with me considering it happened on Valentine’s Day . . . that most outrageous of suppositions that love needs to be celebrated on ONE DAY! Watch that video again. The love between this couple is captured in every move between them, their expressions, and the absolute certainty they place in each other. Real love isn’t celebrated on a SINGLE day, any ONE day, but EVERY day.

I’m really routing for this couple. I don’t care about their nationality, or religion, or even that Olympic Gold is the one skating dream, which has eluded their grasp. Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao represent to me the pinnacle of a true couple . . . they are a pair, each whole on their own, but so much stronger, so much sweeter because the existence of the other.

The back porch is visible again. Snow in Texas is like good sippin’ whiskey: comes down smooth and then doesn’t linger long enough to leave an after taste.

However, it was lovely while it lasted.

Until then

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  1. I am so glad I read your post on this couple before watching the video. You are right. They way they look at each other, move together is so expressive of the kind of intimacy between a man and woman that I long to capture in my work. As I write that next scene of connectedness between my hero and heroine these two artists and your words will be in my mind.

    Thanks sandra!

  2. I totally agree, Sandra. The commentators are speaking about all the YOUTH in the olympics this go 'round. So many of them are participating in their first Olympics. I like the couple's experience.

    I also saw the NBC interview with Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao. It told of how they fell in love after his injury, and how he proposed on the ice. You could see the love and excitement on both of their faces…the total trust.

    Great observations from you. Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I never thought about the romantic parallel even though the event is overtly romantic. I just watched the free style skate tonight by the American pair and didn't have that same sense at all.
    I love the snow — and the fact that I don't have to shovel it!


  4. Just blog dancing through. Hope you'll visit me at the above link. New followers are always welcome!

    I missed the Chinese skating couple but saw a bunch of others. I enjoyed your snow pictures. I'm from up in New York and you have more snow than we do!!! (Although we're due for a storm tonight.)

    Happy writing!

  5. Sandra, the pairs skating is my absolute favorite Olympic event–summer or winter–and I'm really pulling for this couple, too. It was wonderful to get to see their routine again–thank you!!

  6. "The back porch is visible again. Snow in Texas is like good sippin' whiskey: comes down smooth and then doesn't linger long enough to leave an after taste."

    Love this, Sandra! We thoroughly enjoyed the snow, but are glad it's melted away again.

    Your analogy of trust between your hero/heroine with the ice skaters is great!

  7. Okay, don't laugh…but my first thought watching the video was: They have Dairy Queens in China?

    Seriously, though, I didn't watch their routine this week, but I have heard a lot about it. Thanks for the vid 🙂

  8. I totally stumbled into watching them skate Sunday night and was just Blown Away! And what a wonderful post about comparing it to the trust we want between our hero & heroine! I may put this video as a favorite link to always remind me of that now! (And even though I didn't see it, I'm so thrilled they won the gold!!!)

  9. What a great Valentine post Sandra – thank you for that. I so agree about celebrating love every day not just on 14th Feb. And I love the analogy of snow and whisky!!

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