Yes, I’ve been reading.

Who’s keeping up with the reading challenge? Remember, one new book each week? No specific requirements, no mandatory length, no classical or literary emphasis is necessary — only reading a new book each week.

Time marches on and your reading stack (those you’ve read) should be growing — right along with mine.

This past week, I re-entered the world of teaching on a short-term, if full-time basis. What’s that mean? Reading moments must be snagged with ruthless zeal.

So here’s my list for the past two weeks:

Jodi Picoult’s, My Sister’s Keeper
John Reynolds Gardiner’s, Stone Fox
and finally, Francene Sabin’s, The Courage of Helen Keller

Yes, these last two are children’s book. Remember, what I said — it’s the reading that’s important on all levels, in all genres. There are some tremendously talented children’s book authors — it you’re not reading your kids books, you’re missing a treasure trove.

Stone Fox is a poignant story about a boy’s love for his ailing grandfather, and a dog’s devotion to a boy. Heart-rending at the end; make sure to have your tissues ready.

My Sister’s Keeper came as a highly recommended read. The multiple first-person accounts (a little like massive head-hopping) do take a bit of getting used to, however, this story will keep you turning the pages — the 423 page read was a straight through adventure for me. There is a twist at the end, remarkably well-done and completely unexpected. As a mom, there is one character, in the story, that I neither understand or like — not the slightest sympathy or empathy can I muster for this character. Perhaps that is Ms. Picoult’s purpose. That said, this isn’t a book I’d reread based on the miserable failings of this one character. Surely, many will disagree. But for me, personally, the fatally flawed character, who isn’t the villain, reeks too much of today’s headline news — not the person I want to root for in a novel. Again, it’s all personal, right? Ms. Picoult, as a New York Times bestseller, certainly has her following.

Have you read any of these books? Be sure to add your comments.

~Keep reading!

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